Sunday, January 23, 2011


JANUARY 4,2011 Classroom activity is now ZZZZZZZ,boring! Cobwebs in the cieling and frozen saliva in mouth. I haven't participated in  a single recitation  for a week. the Japanese wedding ceremony suggestion turned down. Were now 11 only. the students are droppping out like flies. Some are stricken with flu. Others got hired and some just want to stay away.Now do you believe me? It's like a curse! Just to get through this till the 7th of January. We have to marry each other! But wait Sensei have this brilliant idea the"Dekimasu Talent Show",YEHEY!COME ONE COME ALL:HOPIA,MANI, POPCORN. ADMISSION IS FREE ,NO TABLE CHARGE. Just attend your regular Japanese A.M. Batch at LSI-TESDA. Bernard San can do somersaults from his seat non-stop upto Sensei table.WOW!The 7th Day Advenstist,Glenda San is having a "voodoo ritual", aah I mean acupuncture session. Daisy San,Thea San and Sensei as her volunteer live voodoo dolls. Sorry! I have a way with words.All this pricking session is way too long. Let's pause for a moment a 
remember some of the Sans who are no longer with us. Meanne San the "Coffee Shop Chick". I fondly tease her "Pa-breaded coffee ka naman dyan!"  is good at telling real estate direction in Japanese. Ken San is clever with "Anagrams & Transpositions" with his DOKOMO to KODOMO (bulol din siya gaya ko). A Tom Cruise cutie. Roger San,Arlene San,Julius San,Lourdes San,Jamaica San and Rayvie San my would be Santan Park playmate. Also yosi partner. Injin San competing with Bunso in Che-Che's RAPUNZEL LET YOUR HAIR DOWN How many kilo's of shampoo are you using on that thingy? They are all expert on the disappearing act. Except for Casey San's "Better Show Up I'll Recuperate or No Certificate" technique. Ruth San my Taiso buddy and Cecille San our Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell impersonators. Bunso letting her 3ft hair down again?! Yeah, minus the headbang. Belting out Fushigi Yugi,acapella competing with Francisco A.K.A "Cheche San's" Enka and barking act. Cathy San at the white board doodling an anime face while her dimples are showing. I'm so well behave, infront. NAGLALARO NG APOY, MAMA! I'm just using my tongue for an ashtray chanting my mantra: I am woman. I like Dragon Ball Z. I like Flame of Recca. I play with fire. I am power. While putting a flame-lit paper 3x. Sensei as my assistant. HUH?! Who clapped? Oh, it's our V.P., Mr. Constipated. YAN ANG TALENT NIYA! KAKLASE PA RIN NAMIN SIYA? WOW WERE GREAT!

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