Sunday, January 23, 2011


"KUMAKAIN KA BA NG BALAW-BALAW,KAHIT LANGAW? WERE FINE DINING!". It all started with the word"OISHI" by Sensei smiling seductively at Mr. Constipated.Replied by a "TULUNGAN MO AKO!" helpless look straight at me. I quickly saw that at the corner of my left eye. I just give these two my "SENSEI,HINDI SIYA CRISPOP,TAO SIYA." laugh. Don't interrupt, I'm in my whiteboard state of mind. What a nice whiteboard we have here. It's always an honor to erase you after class. It's the least I can do for Sensei.Four hours of teaching and talking straight with a 15 minute break only. Thea San always helpfull at the laptop,when needed. Mr Constipated fixing the wiring which he always accidentally stepped upon during taiso warm-up. Cheche San as the light switch operator when we need to watch something "MASARAP BA PAGMALAPIT?". It's in Lesson 12, page 121. AMAI for sweet,KARAI for hot and  spicy. SYOKARA for salty. NIGAI for bitter. SUPPOI for sour. I also jot it down in my puto bungbong colored book in  Lesson 8 page 97. For I believe it's Sensei's hypothetical interrogative statement.  Matched with Minna San's curiosity. Does food taste "OISHI" or more palatable when description in another language? Quick! Let's draw lots for Sensei's AD:Wanted 10 food tasters,blindfolded. Ok now step out of the room. While we manually prepare the finger foods.For you to describe in Japanese. Bernard San's M&M. Ken San's cucumber,sliced. Injin's wafer. Ruth San's loafbread vs. Bunso's semi-circular pan."TEKA KANINO'NG MONAY ITO?".Can't Recall your name. Please paki email. I believe credit is given to where credit is due."ANG SARAP NG MONAY MO!" it matched with Casey San's 3 in 1 coffee minus the water. Sampaloc candy by V.P. San. Homemade breadspread/pate normal room temp without the butter glaze,in foodkeeper. Sensei's BFAD SAMPLE QUESTION#1: Regina San, ano halo n'yan?. It's mayo,meatloaf,liver spread,oyster sauce and a dash of paprika. Mashed and mixed. Final touch of "dinikdik na bubog, para crunchy".(When I'm making spread/pate. I wish that Minna San will love,care and respect me .Like the way I love,care and respect them in return). the foodtasting was great. Bernard San's one last surprise was his "YAKI INU FEAST". Just to tease the taste buds. As I kept on interrogating Minna San about the"SUNDOT KULANGOT". I really like the sampaloc candy it made me drowsy and slept all day long. BFAD SAMPLE QUESTION #2:Is it drenched in tasteless,odorless chloroform?Or laced with valium? Please paki-email din. The best "OISHI"reaction with blindfold was blurted out by Injin San. I'll never forget her face. As if she was a small child enjoying her first chocolate bar. BFAD SAMPLE QUESTION#3:Ang finger food ba inuulam sa kanin?. KAKLASE DIN NATIN YAN.

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