Monday, March 28, 2011


Sakazuki cups 24k GP owned by the Japanese Emperor's family in meiji period. Haunted  cultural relic. I bought this 3piece set last November 2009. Placed in my bedside, someone poked me on my left shoulder, whispering in my ears "Psst,Ano gusto mo?(what do you want?)".In my mind's eye, I saw a decapitated Japanese male, his head on a spear. Change my sleeping position and woke up late at night as if someone was piercing me with a spear, on my upper torso and an itching burning sensation on my upper abdomen. Last October 29, 2010 at the Japanese Embassy at Pasay I found out that the sakazuki cups should be returned to the rightful owner, through research (Law of Bunkazai) and inquiry with the help of Miss Angel Graham, librarian. I was going outside, downstairs approaching the second gate of the Embassy I feeling my head was enlarge and a strange chill I felt on my spine. November 3,2010 I brought the sakazuki cups to my Nihongo class for my Sensei Vina Nuqui and classmates to help me with the translations of the kanji inscriptions of the cups. I was on my way to Language Skills Institute -TESDA Taguig .I was about to crossthe street out of nowhere a speeding motorcycle rushed in front, missing me  by  a hairline. The sakazuki cups was inside my school bag. When I was called in font of the classroom to show and explain what I brought for them. I took the cups out of my bag, me and Sensei hold the cup in front of the classroom  while I explained to my Japanese Language and Culture a.m. batch the significance of my cultural find. Our finger tips ( Me and Sensei) was mildly electrocuted  touching the sakazuki cup of the Japanese Emperor! Mean told us it was just static electricity. I kept mum about the whole incident maybe she was right we have a  projector and a computer in the classroom kept on from 8a.m-12pm.The question is if it is static electricity that triggered the whole electrocution incident in front of my  23classmates, how come Sensei and my hair isn't standing up? It's negative residual energy.
Mr. Tony Perez is a multi awarded book author,playwright, artist, psychic, founder of the Spirit questors,psychologist ,teacher and librarian at the U.S. Embassy ,Philippines.

                 My Tony Perez Necklace                                       
I contacted Mr .Tony Perez through facebook with the regards to this eerie incidence asked for his assistance for a free psychometry analysis he was very kind and go along with the my suggestion that I bring the sakazuki during our antique trade-in meeting at his residence and office at Cubao . On November 7, 2010. It was a     Sunday afternoon I was very delighted with my trade his creation of  beaded necklace with a cobalt blue stone pendant the beads from an archeological expediton in Butuan, in exchange for my wooden elephant stamp seal ching dynasty. With regards to the sakazuki cups he held it in his hands he told me in a half trance.
It was owned by a couple it happened in a very long time the possessive husband used to beat his wife profusely in his jealousy streaks. I asked Mr Tony Perez if they are still alive "This is their memory, in psychometry if a person is still alive you can never tap in there memory, they are already dead." I  kissed and hugged Mr Tony Perez, thank my favorite book author of all time for his help. I informed the Japanese Embassy through email about a possible turn over of the relics through Bunkacho and MEXT  same date ECOSEC. I decided to cleanse and charge  the cups with aramaic prayer and bio-cosmic energy with solar influence. The FYI emails for a possible turnover of the Japanese Emperor's Sakazuki cups along with some other important cultural relics thru  Bunkacho and ECOSEC of the Japanese Embassy, Philippines lasted for 3 months. They never replied. I decided to sell these  items for fundraising for my school,church, community and my own benefit.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I was standing infront of personal accesories aisle counter of Japan Center,Makati . I can't make up my mind should i get the nose hair scissors,disposable surgical mask,generic blister pack of suppositories and a bundle of tissue paper roll for Mr. Constipated or go along with Bernard San's wet and wild fantasy of him caressing a rectractable mop and mini dust pan? If that's the case I have to give in buying the candy colored toilet plunger in red and white stripes as an extra gift, it's christmas season. I only have P180 budget for exchange gift and two bars of cheese in my bag, given by Cecille for the potluck.Consisting of filipiniana bruschetta,siomai and sesame-garlic paste,chicken dog cocktail for P120. If I can have it my way it will be a nice Nihonga paintingfrom the thrift shop,an accupuncture gift cerificate or a ream of Japanese paper for origami. My only worry, can Minasan appreciate such effort? I already gave Glenda San a vintage Chinese Imari guinomi and Cheche San a contemporary Japanese artist ceramic ewer as a souvenir and reinforcement for them if they want to start their own oriental arts and antique collection.  A pair of silver plated stainless Korean chopsticks for Jhenilyne San's "Ipit Emporium". She have gorgeous,shiny,curly and long jet-black hair. Sensei and I love fragrances our favorite is rose base scented perfume. A steady supply of Christian Dior's  Dune from my Dad.

I love Joy Patou perfume in clear bottle which I sometimes mix in water for my final rinse.

Ate Amy  Owner of White Dragon Thrift Shop One of my Evangelista Angels

Ate Bheck-Bheck of Golden Accent Thrift Shop one of my Evangelista Angels 
The small one in snuff  black bottle I seldom use for special occassions. I'm so lucky to know a few good people in Evangelista, last year I bought 2 Joy Patou in black snuff bottle for P150. On ordinary days when I need some dose of aromatherapy I'll anoint myself with my personalize body oil a concoction of dried lemon grass, rose oil and a few drops of Victoria Secret's " Strawberry and Champagne" fragrance essence also for home made soaps,candles and talcum powder.
Which I can easily make for Sensei,but wait there'ssomething at the payment counter shelf it looks very familiar. A pastel pink,tall aerosol spray can.Maybe it's her body spray, better read the label its トイレスプレー ? I'm still having difficulty reading katakana. Good thing there's a printed graphic illustration of a TOILET BOWL! I laughed my heart out loud and I' m all alone. Wow she's very brave!OKAMA NO MUNDAI ICHIBANG:Does she use use this as her body spray or for the classroom? 答え:Facebook her. I have no idea.NIBANG: why am I kept being reminded of Cheche's pet Japanese Spitz and he enjoys bathing her dog why?答え: I'll purchase the Softsoap Bathgel with ginseng

root with a " NO ANIMAL TESTING LABEL" A sandal wood bucketful of bath accessories.I'll wrap my gift in white computer styro sheet and rubber band.Disguised as a 2in1 Kwatro Cantos-Cylindrical laptop. In asian countries particularly in Korea. the Panax ginseng is a well known aphrodisiac.Someone might get lucky this christmas. Softsoap Gel can be a body wash and a vegetarian snack.As an extra gift a pair of mikimoto
 freshwater pearl AAA ,stud earrings for dessert. The 14KG hypoallergenic wire can be a substitue for "TAIKO TOOTHPICK" .Japanese for prince, my crap in English. Hi Courtney Love! The handwritten gift tag can be a great pick up line"May you truly find what you are really seeking for in this lifetime-Infinity". Im already feeling clean and dirty at the same time. When I get home I'll scrub with Lysol.