Monday, March 7, 2011


I was standing infront of personal accesories aisle counter of Japan Center,Makati . I can't make up my mind should i get the nose hair scissors,disposable surgical mask,generic blister pack of suppositories and a bundle of tissue paper roll for Mr. Constipated or go along with Bernard San's wet and wild fantasy of him caressing a rectractable mop and mini dust pan? If that's the case I have to give in buying the candy colored toilet plunger in red and white stripes as an extra gift, it's christmas season. I only have P180 budget for exchange gift and two bars of cheese in my bag, given by Cecille for the potluck.Consisting of filipiniana bruschetta,siomai and sesame-garlic paste,chicken dog cocktail for P120. If I can have it my way it will be a nice Nihonga paintingfrom the thrift shop,an accupuncture gift cerificate or a ream of Japanese paper for origami. My only worry, can Minasan appreciate such effort? I already gave Glenda San a vintage Chinese Imari guinomi and Cheche San a contemporary Japanese artist ceramic ewer as a souvenir and reinforcement for them if they want to start their own oriental arts and antique collection.  A pair of silver plated stainless Korean chopsticks for Jhenilyne San's "Ipit Emporium". She have gorgeous,shiny,curly and long jet-black hair. Sensei and I love fragrances our favorite is rose base scented perfume. A steady supply of Christian Dior's  Dune from my Dad.

I love Joy Patou perfume in clear bottle which I sometimes mix in water for my final rinse.

Ate Amy  Owner of White Dragon Thrift Shop One of my Evangelista Angels

Ate Bheck-Bheck of Golden Accent Thrift Shop one of my Evangelista Angels 
The small one in snuff  black bottle I seldom use for special occassions. I'm so lucky to know a few good people in Evangelista, last year I bought 2 Joy Patou in black snuff bottle for P150. On ordinary days when I need some dose of aromatherapy I'll anoint myself with my personalize body oil a concoction of dried lemon grass, rose oil and a few drops of Victoria Secret's " Strawberry and Champagne" fragrance essence also for home made soaps,candles and talcum powder.
Which I can easily make for Sensei,but wait there'ssomething at the payment counter shelf it looks very familiar. A pastel pink,tall aerosol spray can.Maybe it's her body spray, better read the label its トイレスプレー ? I'm still having difficulty reading katakana. Good thing there's a printed graphic illustration of a TOILET BOWL! I laughed my heart out loud and I' m all alone. Wow she's very brave!OKAMA NO MUNDAI ICHIBANG:Does she use use this as her body spray or for the classroom? 答え:Facebook her. I have no idea.NIBANG: why am I kept being reminded of Cheche's pet Japanese Spitz and he enjoys bathing her dog why?答え: I'll purchase the Softsoap Bathgel with ginseng

root with a " NO ANIMAL TESTING LABEL" A sandal wood bucketful of bath accessories.I'll wrap my gift in white computer styro sheet and rubber band.Disguised as a 2in1 Kwatro Cantos-Cylindrical laptop. In asian countries particularly in Korea. the Panax ginseng is a well known aphrodisiac.Someone might get lucky this christmas. Softsoap Gel can be a body wash and a vegetarian snack.As an extra gift a pair of mikimoto
 freshwater pearl AAA ,stud earrings for dessert. The 14KG hypoallergenic wire can be a substitue for "TAIKO TOOTHPICK" .Japanese for prince, my crap in English. Hi Courtney Love! The handwritten gift tag can be a great pick up line"May you truly find what you are really seeking for in this lifetime-Infinity". Im already feeling clean and dirty at the same time. When I get home I'll scrub with Lysol.