Sunday, November 15, 2015

SUNDAY HAPPY SUNDAY 2:13 P.M. 11/15/15

When it's a time of mourning, don't make the argument about what was posted on social media. Give your prayers, love and tears equally to Paris, Beirut, Afghanistan, Lumad and Iraq. We all have the same enemy, and it is the cowards, the ISIS. This is is the moment where we have the potential to show the greatest humanity. Pray for all of these innocents - Ms.Sunshine Santiago


Nun: The Sign of Genocide


As Sir Tony Perez said "All wands must point to the east". I definitely agree . My banishing wand(High Magic Banishing ritual at NBI during the time of Epimaco Velasco.) that he passed down  on me . Is always resting eastward. Always activated and  on guard to send forth what these groups forcefully gave out to the world. Islam is a gentle and loving religion just like Catholicism and the rests. Terrorism(You're not ISLAM!!!!) is a crime against HUMANITY . The reaping and smithing of the Lord /Allah is in the east. For the pointless killings of the innocents. Spiritual Leaders, Magis, Wiccans and Psychics are always caught in the cross fire. I can feel the negativity of this attacks before they even occur on the same day within the span of 6 hours. My auric shell crown area is being slashed by a sword. I can feel the no pain impact on my cranium. I'm using my own dragons blood oil formulation for protection. We have no choice but to uphold and defend global law and order. 

January 2015 Île-de-France attacks

ISIS claims responsibly for Homs hospital attacks that killed at least 16