Friday, December 26, 2014


 This creature appered in my mind's eye grayish and ghostly. Before falling asleep. I had a chat with my lola, Mama Ele(Papa Gigi Juan's, Tia). About the far off relative aswang in Daram, Samar and the  night terror she experienced during sleeping. Awakened in her sleep in their house in Daram. She was paralyzed can't move her body because a creature was on top of her  with saliva drooling fangs.  "Jesus, Maria, Yosep", chanted 3times the creature disappered. Perspiring with cold sweat she managed to move her body and got up for a drink of water. Same thing , I had a night terror. The only words I can think of was the Ama Namin and Jesus, Maria, Yosep. 

I saw this white and mothman like creature with my own naked eyes. During a book signing. The author(not Tony Perez and Jimmy Licauco) was signing my book. This white creature or engkanto was inside his auric shell.I was surprised he suddenly laughed out loud. This creature gives good luck.

Last 2013 I had an encounter with this one. The color of the skin is pitch jet black. Appearing in my minds eye. In my conscious state. Dangerous it can cause bad luck and can hurt people. It followed me home and during sleep tried to injure me by scratching right knee. I was  wearing my Campo del Cielo meteorite pendant. My auric shell protected me from the attack.  I was enrage by this incident because I never use magic to summon a being to serve me. I was living in my mom and dad's house. I have a 3year old niece,"YinYin". It was from another practitioner of craft. I'm still angry now how can someone be so irresponsible and oblivious of disposing this spirit servant from the charms and amulets they use to prosper. It turns out to be an elohim being use to serve a place of business. The downside of being forgotten to be disposed. It is now demonic and can send negative mind thought, hurt people and cause accident. In a premonition I heard a loud blast of LPG tanks causing fire . I'm firm in my decision not to communicate with this malevolent, sly demonic creature. I refuse to be sacrificial scapegoat. I did my mission in informing the summoner to send the creature to it's proper place. Because some of his employees are turning dishonest. The trusted ones are pocketing sales money and supplies. His wife is behaving strange. It's very unusual because they have an argument concerning me. I was minding my own business. I can see I have a different form. my appearance was slowly changing. I was starting to look like his wife! He was doing some ritual to our etheric bodies. The only thing that can rescue me from being stripped of my rights is the memory of Armenia, my mom a Nazareno devotee. I decided to cut off the communication and go my own way.