Saturday, February 5, 2011


PART1 : 
1. Jose and Maria Santos of Meguro Language Center.  Are they  Ron Jeremy's pornstars of the 70's or just look alike?
Ans:Please email me.I want to know.-Katrina and Hayden fan.
2. Why double pussy, why?
Ans:Ceramic Action figure P5 korean,ukay-ukay-Baclaran Ukay Shop owner
Ans:don't like double pussy?Ceramic triple chicks action figure we have P5 din.-Baclaran Ukay Shop owner 
3. Who's the guy with the facial paralysis expression?
Ans: Julius San, Balinguynguy 101 survivor-Gatches Int'l,Singapore          
1. Why am I being bullied, I'm 37 years old? 
Ans:Psychometry Result- Exploring the 'Powers of your Inner Mind Autographed by Jaime Licauco
Seminar on Inner Mind Development . For reservations and other details, call 8107245; telefax 8159890; e-mail Visit my website:
2. Who is Mr. Constipated?
Ans:Kaklase nila siya- Security Guard w/ frontdesk log book. LSI-TESDA
Me and Bernard San, Yaki Inu in our Inros

1. Where's the hopia,mani and popcorn?
Ans: Bring your on  baon(food)-Sensei 
2. Why no table charge? 
Ans: Lahat kami  have polypropylene seats,Si Sensei lang ang may table-Bernard San  
3. Glenda are you a  dominatrix  or a sadist?
Ans: Facebook her.-Accupuncture Clinic Technician
5. Thea San,Daisy San and Sensei are you sadomasochist?
Ans: Facebook,them if you have the guts-Minasan
4. Regina San why the human ashtray and fire extinguisher trick? 
Ans: Blame it on Franz Bardon-Kim Jong Il
5. Mean San ano lasa ng breaded coffee?
Ans: Visit UCC.
6. Lourdes San, are you the reason why there's a civil war in Korea?
Ans: It's the infection on my piercing-Korean Silver
7. Jhenilyne and Injin San, how many kilos of shampoo are you using on that thingy?What brand?
Ans: I'm just like them-Sadako
8. Jhenilyne San, you really have the competitive streak in you, can you be my Warlita Warlalu?
Ans:Sure palitan ng I.D.- Sir Brayan
9. Bernard San, why do you prefer a cartwheel over a somersault?
Ans: Facebook him-Lito Lapid
1. Kumakain ba kayo ng balaw-balaw,kahit langaw?
Ans: Were fine dining-Minasan
2. Sensei bakit mo napagkamalan Oishi Crispop si Mr. Constipated?BFAD approved ba yan? 
Ans: Lie Detector for Sale-NBI
3. Are you anti-BFAD?
Ans: Refer to Part IV BFAD sample questions.-Blogger
4. What is"Masarap ba pagmalapit?" is it really a hypothetical interrogative statement in my mind for food taste or something else?
Ans: Lie Detector Bargain Sale!-NBI
5. What is manually prepared finger food?
Ans: Please read part IV again-Blogger
6. Regina San why do you smoke during breaktime?
Ans: Bring in the opium pipe!-Philippine National Museum
Injin San After the OISHI

6. Any  monay issue lately?
Ans: Still waiting for the email- cafeteria guy TESDA,Taguig
7. Regina San why are you using dinikdik na bubog haven't you heard of rice crispies?
Ans: Were back at BFAD sample question no. 2, I'm your friendly lie-detector sales agent-Blogger
8. Bernard San, will you  share your  yaki inu recipe?
Ans: Guarded family secret-KFC
9.What is the answer to BFAD sample question no 2?
Ans: Mr. V.P San, Drug Check  Phils.,is on Promo!- Buy and Sell  Adpaper
10. What is the answer to BFAD sample question no 3? 

Ans: Remember my "ALTANGHA"? (Elvis and James)-Chitae ,SLN

For those who want to learn filipino language your welcome to translate.                                                    

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